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Audra Style Ambassador Program

Want to make money while promoting a brand that you love? Yes, please! 

Audra Style is now offering a brand ambassador program with lots of benefits for you and your family, friends, and followers! 

As an approved brand ambassador, you will:

  • Use your personal social media accounts to share Audra Style products with your followers
  • Receive big discounts for yourself sitewide
  • Make a 10% commission on sales made by your followers when they use your shareable Audra Style discount code or when they make purchases through your affiliate link
  • Have a chance to win bonus prizes based on sales. Prizes include gift cards or freebies based on tiered sales goals reached.
  • Expand your social media reach
  • Connect with and build a community with other ambassadors around the country

There are no minimum purchase requirements and there are no requirements on how many times you post however, the more you drive your followers to our brand, the more you will be rewarded!

While there are no minimum order requirements to become an ambassador, one big advantage is that you will receive a hefty discount code for you to use personally to purchase products if you choose to help assist in your marketing. This coupon code is not to be shared. You will receive an affiliate link to share that will track sales in which you will receive a commission. You will also receive a separate coupon code of your choice to share with your followers for 10% off any product on our website. This coupon code will track sales throughout the month and you will receive a 10% commission on those sales paid monthly through Paypal. 

We are looking for a team of women with a fun, authentic, open-minded, and positive outlook on life willing to create content on social media to promote our jewelry, art, accessories, and clothing from Audra Style and our sister clothing boutique, AND Boutique. Ideal candidates will have active, engaging, and PUBLIC social media accounts on Facebook, Instagram, and Tik Tok. Pinterest, an active blog, YouTube and Twitter are a plus. We believe user-created content and word-of-mouth referrals are the most authentic way to promote our brand. The ideal candidates would be willing to create content in the form of posts, Stories, Reels, and Tik Toks that Audra Style may also share across our platforms.

We want to see content that shows how our products fit into your everyday life. Lifestyle, fashion, home decor and mommy bloggers, interior decorators, university students, teachers, nurses, ... our brand is created with real-life women in mind who like to add funky, colorful, and affordable pieces to their wardrobe or homes that create conversations and urge others to step outside of the box.

You will have access to a private page that will give you ideas on what to post, sample caption text, and hashtags to use so we can track you and you can connect with other ambassadors. Occasionally we will have a specific collection we are releasing or special promotions and this page will have those listed so you can help us spread the word. We do ask that you always tag @Audra_Style and use the hashtag #AudraStyle and #AudraStyleAmbassador in any post. You will also be able to make customizable affiliate links for specific products to share with you followers from your affiliate admin profile.

Are you ready to join our ambassador affiliate team? Please apply at the link below. Once accepted, we will send you all the information you need to get started. Please allow up to 5 business days for us to process your application.

*Audra Style reserves the right to revoke your ambassadorship if we believe you are abusing your personal discount code, are abusing the ambassadorship in any way, are not on-brand, are misrepreenting the brand or product, or if your code has been inactive for 60 days.
*Must be 18 years of older to apply however, since we offer jewelry and clothing for children, we would love to have some mom ambassadors willing to create and share their littles enjoying our items, too!
*Discounts cannot be used on Audra Style subscription boxes.

Apply Now!