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Commission a Family Portrait

Commission a Family Portrait

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Would you like to commission an animal family portrait in Audra's whimsical style? We offer several different options. Price depends on size and subject.

Commissioned portraits require a deposit based on the price of the first animal. To commission a painting, purchase this listing and we will follow up with details about your request.  The balance will be due when the painting is complete. Please make sure your email address is added at checkout.

Family Portraits - Animal Representation

Choose the animals you would like to represent each family member. These portraits take several days to complete so pricing depends on the size of the painting and the number of animals. Minimum number of main animals is 3. Lost pregnancies in the form of butterflies or birds are no extra charge.

- 24x36 - $200 for the first animal and $100 for each additional animal 

- 30x40 - $300 for the first animal and $100 for each additional animal 

- Larger sizes available by request